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I used Nursing Nipples for the first six months of my breastfeeding journey and it was my absolute go-to while pumping! I was comfortable with the natural ingredients being near my daughter's mouth. I gave birth to a 34-week preemie with latch issues. For the first six weeks, I pumped consistently every two hours while also trying to allow baby to naturally latch. My nipples were constantly chaffed, sore and tender to the touch. Nursing Nipples was a much lighter consistency than any other lanolin-based product I tried. I never felt residual oil. Nursing Nipples melts onto your skin and absorbs quickly. I can’t wait to give this to every new mama I know!

- Alex M.

I got a few products from Laci, all of which I LOVED. I got a special "relaxation tea" that both tastes and smells delicious and really helps me relax before bed if I've been having trouble sleeping. I got a herbal bath satchel as well as a pillow satchel and Laci just knows how to make the right combinations of herbs for other worldly olfactory experiences lol. I used both of them far longer than I probably should have trying to get every last bit of mileage out of them. And then there's the Herbal Breast Oil. I'm 41 so I'm more aware of my breast health now and as per usual the massage oil smells divine and feels like a very nice, nurturing addition to my breast health to keep the lymph circulating. Laci makes all of her products with care and love and it shows! 10 out of 10 I recommend! 

- Karly N.

I was so thrilled to get my Fancy Free tincture as a gift after my last two babies were born! When I'm feeling overwhelmed or wired I take a dropper full and it’s like a soothing cup of calming tea or glass of wine but Our Dear Lord knows new Mamas don't have time for those luxuries. It came at a time when I really needed something but didn't want to take harsh medicine or much alcohol as those tend to make matters worse when recovering from birth. This line of products is a Godsend! Thank you! And please keep making them!!! 

- Aymee P.

Laci's herbs have tremendous healing power! Her products dramatically helped me and my baby through pregnancy, home birth, postnatal recovery and all of the health challenges we face raising an infant into toddlerhood. Matriarch Herbs is the place to go if you would like personalized, compassionate, and natural solutions to heal your body and mind.

- Liza D.

Laci is nothing but heart, wisdom, and professionalism. When I started out using Matriarch Herbs, I was a first-time new nursing mother and scared I would lose my milk as my mother and sister both had when their babies were 4 months old. Laci even knew just how to encourage a long-lasting milk supply while simultaneously helping my hashimotos. My daughter is now 14 months old and I still have milk and am feeling good. She patiently listened to my health concerns and issues and drafted a remedy specific for my needs - and soon I began to feel so much better. I can honestly say it’s the first hashimotos remedy that has significantly improved my symptoms. And, she even made me a cold tonic and baby soother serum that saved this mom’s life on several occasions!

- Leah C.

I work from home while being a full-time mom as well. My days can get overwhelming at times. I tried the Fancy Free product and it was very soothing. It definitely made a difference in my mood. This is a must try.

- Michelle T.

i was lucky enough to stumble upon these products when i was a few months into my postpartum experience. i was thrilled to come across products that i felt confident taking while breastfeeding (and that were created to support mothers). aside from loving everything i purchased (more to come on that in a minute), i love the ethos of this brand. this is a company that is doing everything right in holding space and walking alongside mothers in their postpartum period.

i never knew what a luxury it was to shower - i added the maiden to mother oil into my post-shower ritual and it’s basically an at-home spa experience now. 

the postpartum elixirs were nourishing and warming (as described) and truly helped me feel grounded and supported while i navigated the new waters of motherhood. finally, the milk machine lactation support extract has been helpful in increasing breast milk production. since adding this in, i haven’t had to worry about how much milk i’m producing. which is ideal because as a mother, i’m worrying about everything else.

i cannot recommend this brand and these products more. treat yourself!

- shirin d.