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What is a Holistic Health Consultation?

by Laci Silva January 23, 2021 2 min read

What is a Holistic Health Consultation?

At a holistic health consultation you’ll sit down with me for an extensive health assessment consisting of in depth questions about all areas of your life- physical, mental, and emotional. Work, homelife, medical history, diet, and lifestyle will all be taken into consideration when addressing your health concerns.

Why all the questions? When working with herbs and healing, it’s important to acknowledge that everything is interconnected. For example, an emotional issue can manifest as a physical ailment. Think about how extreme nervousness can lead to an upset stomach. Rather than just treating the symptoms, I believe in treating the whole person. The best way for me to do this is by asking questions that will help uncover the root of your health problem. While herbs have many physical properties that assist in healing, they also have energetic ones. I work to create a formula that will address both the physical and energetic needs of each client.

Holistic Health Consultations last an hour and can be held in person or virtually. Everything shared is confidential and clients are encouraged to share only what they feel comfortable with. A consultation includes a one hour intake session, a customized herbal formula to be taken every day for a month, and diet and lifestyle suggestions.

Common Problems Herbs Can Help With

Digestive Issues
Skin Issues
Immune System
Menstrual Cramps
Irregular Period

Herbs work to bring your body back into balance, so it can begin to heal naturally. Healing takes time! It is important to understand that herbs work slowly. Plant medicine is not the same as a pill. While a pill may make a symptom seem to disappear immediately, it often is only momentarily masking the symptom, which will either return later on or manifest itself in another way. Herbs work at a deeper level to resolve the root of the problem. Chronic health issues are deeply rooted. You must be willing to give the herbs time to do their work and be open to making changes in your life to support the healing process.

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